Swagat Small Hall



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Presentations 2 Go Ltd. has equipped the venue, Swagat Banquet Hall with state of the art Audio/Visual equipment.

The speakers located conveniently out of obstruction gives the rooms a very clean surround sound.
Each JBL 412 speaker is rated at 600 watts programmed and can go up to 1200 watts peak, The spread of 50′ x 90′ limits the hotspots that are presented around the room.
These are a better option than ground mounted speakers since most times than not, the volume at the front of the
room out levels the volume at the back of the room (front of the room is too loud and back of the room people are straining to hear)

The Draper Screens and Epson projectors have been mounted in the most convent locations so everyone in the room can see. Each screen is 10′ or 120″ diagonal and each projector brightness is rated at 3000 lumen. This eliminates the need to have precious space wasted verses their ground mounted counterparts.

The Moving Fully Intelligent Chauvet 355 Lighting system is located ideally near the center of the room, giving the option of lighting up virtually any point in the room.
These can be programmed to do a variety of colours and designs, Lighting up something simple as the Stage area or the grand entrance, to substituting for dancing lights at the end of the night.